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Over the years Kie, along with his partner in rhyme MC Sparks, has released numerous club anthems, the first and definitely the most prolific being Fly Bi, which by many is considered the number 1 UK garage MC anthem ever. As well as Fly Bi there has been Joy (2000 Remix), Love Come Down, Flow, Double Impact and more recently So Squalid, a record produced by mumdance featuring Sparks and Kie which really highlights 15 years on that Kie can hold his own when featuring on a club anthem.


MC Special has been making Big Waves in the Bhangra Industry as an Mc and Music Producer. Since releasing his first track in 2003, his talents have gained him massive recognition around the UK and Worldwide.


MC Vapour is an international Underground Inspiration to literally Thousands of people all over the world and has loyal fans everywhere and many aspiring artists in the UK. He is best known for featuring on "Jungle is massive" & "Move your body".



He is best known for featuring on DJ Dee kline's hit "Sexy Cinderella" which was released in 2001.


An award winning MC pioneer of the underground garage scene best known for the hit "Do you really like it?" over 800,000

records sold in 2001. 


Fresh faced MC Versatile is a definite ... In the summer of 2008 Versatile hooked up with the Crazy Cousinz to create another club classic entitled The Funky Anthem.


Known for his famous hook, 'We're loving it, loving it, loving it' on Pied Piper & the master of ceremonies track "Do you really like it?". Ivor Novella award winning MC DT is one of the UK Garage scenes pioneers.


MC PSG is a pioneer of the UKG scene and is one of the original old school MC’s. One of PSG’s  most successful and famous tunes was ‘Good Rhymes’, this was produced by Da Click and reached number 14 UK singles national chart in 1999.




With a reputation as a competent host and an adept lyricist, Champagne Bubblee’s contagious trademark hooks have consistently remained popular in Club Land for more than a decade. He has cemented his position as a top flight MC with appearances on licensed radio shows Kiss FM (DJ EZ), 1Xtra (DJ Q) & Rinse FM (FAB) as well as numerous pirate stations nationwide. His recent ventures as a licensed FM radio presenter on In2beats FM & as the producer of a popular online TV Show have helped to maintain a strong social network presence that would be an asset to any event promoter.


Gracious K, the man who brought you the club anthem "Migraine Skank". Known for his energetic and club style of music, he took the UK scene by storm with his 2009 anthem. Since then he has been working hard perfecting his sound and touring the country and abroad. Keep up to date with him and everything that he is doing.


Onyx Stone has been one of the pioneering MC’s on the UK Garage scene over the past 20 years. His Catalogue of work history speaks for itself, Craig David Eenie Meenie Featuring,Onyx Stone Lonyo Featuring Onyx Stone Summer Of Love, The Nightcrawlers Featuring MC Onyx Stone Push The Feeling, Robert Owens Tears Featuring Onyx Stone, Shola Ama Featuring Onyx Stone Imagine, Just to name a few, With a heavily influenced Reggae upbringing, combined with the constant change within the uk urban seen, Onyx Stone has developed his own unique and distinctive style, holding a great ambition and passion for what he does. Fusing together his musical skills and experiences. He’s also has music for TV and films with future projects in the near coming future.



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